About RhinoBoss

RhinoBoss is the Pre-eminent Provider of Portable Total Body Strength Training Equipment and Programs designed for use by any individual, at any strength level capacity, in any environment they choose.

RhinoBoss’ portfolio is concentrated in the global nation’s key need – fitness and health – while providing the categories of Physical Products, Data Tracking, Service Programs, and Consumable Goods. The company owns and operates 3 brands, 4 Product Lines, over 320,000 clients, $30M+ in revenue and major new product and technology releases that will be executed in the near future. See here for RhinoBoss’ current projects.

Active Ownership
Financial Strength for Control and Flexibility

The size and security of RhinoBoss’ balance sheet is a widened competitive advantage that enables the company to make disruptive changes to stay ahead in the industry for change, as well as to sustain consistent transactions and seize opportunity

Active Management
Operational Excellence at every stage of the client experience

The In-house engineered structure of RhinoBoss’ infrastructure allow for a flawless customer experience that gets them coming back to exchange more services.

Active Building
Continuously seeking and innovating ideas for Value Creation

RhinoBoss has a proven history of designing, engineering, and executing successful first-to-market products and technologies that create sustainable long-term growth and value for the organization. The organization was founded off of innovation.