Hi, I’m Ross Oltorik. A Founder turned CEO turned Employer turned Product Inventor.

My Message

Rhinoboss was invented by my Paps. This one’s for you! Thanks for everything you did for me growing up. You wanted me to be a Pro. But here is the next best thing living out your vision on RhinoBoss, a LLC you formed in 2012 named after your kids Ryan Oltorik and Ross Oltorik. Ryan O and Ross Boss. RhinoBoss.

So far i brought BodyBoss to life under RhinoBoss’ Holding company. Someone stole our name and purchased BodyBoss.com but we still fought on under BodyBoss 2.0 and became one of the most popular Products in the Home Fitness Space our Portable Gym 2.0 Product. Thanks For all you do and this ones for Rhino. And I hope we can BOSS up moving forward and hit your mission statement.

To Become the Pre-eminent Provider of Portable Total Body Strength Training Equipment and Programs designed for use by any individual, at any strength level capacity, in any environment they choose.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe